Our Good Food

Come and discover authentic local flavours...

Our mouth-watering wholesome dishes deliver nourishment and pleasure through creative creations out of good local ingredients. Whether you want to keep it light and healthy or whether you need a rich filling meal, we have it all sorted out and ready to be served!


Mediterranean bruschetta


Extra mozzarella di bufola € 1.50

Fresh pepata di cozze


Black shelled mussels, white wine, garlic, cherry tomatoes, crushed peppers and soft herbs.

Fried local goat cheese


Breaded local goat cheese, tossed with mixed greens and served with a home-made fig and date chutney and drizzled with olive oil.

Argentinian king prawns


Pan seared shell-on prawns flamed in brandy with cherry tomatoes tossed in butter and soft herbs.

Trio of sausage


A mixture of mild and spicy sausages served with a curry mustard sauce.


Smoked duck salad


Smoked duck breast tossed in mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, leaks, reddishes, gherkin and sweet onion dressing.

Chicken caesar salad


Grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, ice berg lettuce, croutons and parmesan shavings.

Maltese ambrosia


Smoked Maltese sausage, sundried tomatoes, onions, artichokes hearts, crumbled goat cheese, mixed greens and herb oil.

Fresh home-made pasta

Tagliatelle vegetarian


Seasonal vegetables, garlic, butter and tomato sauce.

Paccheri bolognese


Beef ragu, chopped onions, garlic confit puree, red wine and tomato sauce.

Rabbit tortellacci


Home-made tortellacci cooked in own sauce with brunoise of carrot and peas.

Tagliatelle seafood


A mixture of seafood, onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes, herbs with white wine in a butter based sauce.


Each platter serves two and is served with freshly baked grissini, Maltese bread and galletti ( water biscuits ).

Traditional Maltese platter


Local peppered goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, stuffed olives, bigilla dip, arjoli dip, smoked Maltese sausage and butter beans.

Mixed platter


A selection of cold cuts, soft and hard cheeses complemented with home-made fig chutney.

Main courses

Main dishes with * are served with own vegetables and roast potatoes.

Local braised rabbit *


Slow cooked local Rabbit with marinated peas and served in own sauce.

Chicken supreme *


Skin-on corn fed chicken breast pan seared in white wine Veloute, seasonal vegetables and crispy bacon.

Fillet of salmon*


Fresh oven baked salmon with seasonal vegetables served with betroot puree.

Angus ribeye steak *


300 grams grilled ribeye cooked to your liking served with seasonal vegetables and a carrot puree.

Ftira Ghawdxija ( Gozitan Ftira )


The famous traditional Gozitan Ftira boasting rich flavours and aromas of local ingredients.