Our Good Food

Come and discover authentic local flavours...

Our mouth-watering wholesome dishes deliver nourishment and pleasure through creative creations out of good local ingredients. Whether you want to keep it light and healthy or whether you need a rich filling meal, we have it all sorted out and ready to be served!

Breakfast & Bakery

Not all bread is created equal and you do not need to be a baker... or even fully awake for that matter to realise how fresh our crusty bread is. Every morning, at the crack of dawn, we visit our local artisan bakers to collect the bread as it is brought to light from the wood-flamed oven.

Chilled Lactose Free Yoghurt Parfait


Lactose free yoghurt, chia seeds, chunky peanut butter and mixed berry compote on multiple layers of honey and chunky oat biscuits.

It-Towst tan-Nannu (Home-style Grandpa’s Toast)


Grilled ham and cheese sandwich, served with a small side salad.

Ta’ Rinaldu


A typical Maltese ftira with tuna, olives, capers, beans, herb oil, tomato paste and Maltese goat cheese.

Crispy Grilled Chicken and Creamy Pesto Mayo


savoured with parmesan shavings, cherry tomatoes and rucola.

Classic Al Caprese


brimming with mozzarella, tomatoes, herb oil and rucola.

Chunky Tuna & Seedless Cucumber


with lettuce, tomatoes, sweet corn and chunky-slaw.

Honey Glazed Bresaola


chopped and mixed with cherry tomatoes, Parmesan, baby spinach leaves, herb oil and cream cheese.

Maltese-Style Bruschetta


Maltese Nostalgia

Soup of the day


our wholesome freshly made soups give you both a nutritional boost and comfort.

Freshly Baked Pies


our tasty crusty homemade pies will make you come back for more and more!

Traditional Home-made Lasagne


a traditional filling creamy beef lasagne with rich tomato sauce – goes well with our local beer!

Unpretentious Baked Macaroni


well, nothing beats this classic dish with the local touch of cheese and tomato sauce.

Indulgent Ftira Għawdxija (Gozitan pizza)


treat yourself to the famous traditional Gozitan Ftira and explore the rich flavours and aromas of local ingredients. Combined in a single bite, you would not want the ftira to finish!

Pasta Salads

This is where our creativity really shines, mixing colourful fresh ingredients that not only look amazing but also taste divine. So go ahead and indulge yourself from our salad offering.

Poached Zesty Salmon


complemented with baby spinach leaves, sweet corn, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, herb oil, fresh orange zest and parmesan shavings (we suggest Pasta).

Honey Glazed Bresaola


garnished with baby spinach leaves, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, dried apricots, pine nuts and herb oil (we suggest Quinoa).

Sweet Nutty Chicken


chicken breast tossed with rucola, shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, pineapple, toasted cashew nuts, sweet chilli, herb oil and chilli flakes (we suggest Noodles).

It-Taljan (Classic Italian Al Caprese®)


a classic salad with rucola, sweet herb oil, mozzarella di bufola, tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, fresh basil leaves, Parmegan shavings and sun dried tomatoes (we suggest Noodles).

Tasty Fresh Salads

It is a well-known fact that salads make a nutrient-rich meal. Chock-full of calcium, iron, potassium and B vitamins, salads are the epitome of healthy eating. Here at Ta’ Rinaldu we created a scrumptious and deliciously imaginative take on classic salads tossed together with passion... and a touch of our secret herbal oil.

Tangy Poached Salmon Salad


with spring onions, avocado, seedless cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, baby spinach leaves, yoghurt and orange infused herb oil.

Tantalizing Tuna and Salmon Tartare Salad


finely chopped raw tuna and salmon made into a mini tower with avocado, wasabi, seaweed, lemon zest, pineapple, spring onions and soya sauce.

It-Tajlandiz (Thai Chicken Salad)


tender chicken breast tossed in lemon grass and sweet chilli sauce, cashew nuts, herb oil, rucola, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, fresh pineapple and crunchy peanut butter.

Il-Grieg (Greek Salad)


tossed lettuce, onion, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, olives, soft cheese, seedless cucumber, pine nuts, lemon infused herb oil, dry apricots and honey.

Desserts of the day

Rather than just an afterthought, our desserts can be the most exciting highlight of your meal. Whether you like creative ones, fancy ones or just plain simple, we’re sure we have the right dessert to hit your sweet spot ...and if you’re torn between which to choose (we don’t blame you) you can mix & match in one single serving.

L-Gharusa Sundae


is an artisan ice-cream made from strawberry ice-cream and topped with traditional village biscuits known as biskuttin tar-rahal. This simple yet all-time favourite combination is then topped off with aromatic carob syrup and fruit.

It-Tork Sundae


is an artisan ice-cream made from traditional nougat-like sweet referred to as helwa tat-Tork, mixed with chocolate ice cream, and topped off with traditional almond delicacies know as pastin tal-lewz, carob syrup and banana.



Our staff will introduce you to our in-house specialities.

Pristine Fresh Fruit Salad


Ice Cream per scoop


One scoop Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla.

Artisan Ice Cream per scoop


One scoop Artisan Gelat tal-Gharusa or Gelat tal-Helwa tat-Tork.